What I Have Learned

What I have learned over the 10 week blogging challenage.
I’ve learned how to make Post, get Widgets, change my Theme, make a Wordle, how to get lots of visiters how to make my posts good, how to look at other peoples blogs, and a whole lot more thing that I forget or just cant remember.

David (davidpro)

Blogging over the Holidays

I thin I will be blogging over the summer holidays. Blogging is really fun once you get started, but I was kind of hard for me to find time to blog. I dont think I will be blogging over the winter holidays because I would be hanging out with friends our having Christmas holidays.

Know you have to tell me if you are blogging over the sunner. So if you are let me know by leaving a comment on my post and leave your Blog’s website with your comment.

Tags and Catergories

Tags and Catergories are important because they help people find stuff on your blog that otherwise it would be very hard to find what you are looking for.  Catergories are important because they go on the side of your blog and helps you find something. Tags are also important because they let the blog that you visited earlyer know that you put their blog in one of your posted.

The Trampoling

Yesterday, Ruth (sister) and I went on our trampoling. On the side of my house we have these I-Bars sticking out of our house and we moved our trampoling underneath of the I-Bar and me and my broghter were jumping up and hanging off of the I-Bar. It was so fun, but scary at the same time.

My favorite thing to do

My favorite sport to play hockey is hockey. My hockey season is over now, but I still play 3 on 3 and my dad signs me up for hockey schools. My favorite food is pizza from little Ceazers (its realy good). My favorite vedio game is Just Cause 2, its realy fun. My favorite thing to do in the summer is hangout with my friends and go swimming.

Power’s Out

Last Thursday we went to school and the power was out for the hole day.  We were  supposed to go home at 10:30, but we had to stay at school because the wind was to strong and the police were telling  us to stay in doors. So we stayed at school for the hole day but the wind wasant  the reson why we count go home because that was only for schools with out water.

Internet Saftey

Internet saftey is very important because if you enter a contest to win on the computer, you give the computer your address and phone number. That is important because if they wonted  find your house they could. Also never give your credit card number away, other wise the person you gave it to they would buy stuff with it and you would have to pay for it. Never give your password away either.